Birth Injury Lawyer in Jackson TN

Birth Injury Attorney in Jackson TN

For many women, giving birth can be a beautiful and life changing experience. However, giving birth can also put yourself or your child at risk. You are putting your life in your physician’s hands.

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The vast majority of births pass without issue, but there are other cases where the delivery can end in injury to you and/or your child because of negligent acts of the physician. If you are one of these victims, it is best to get the justice that you deserve by hiring an experienced attorney. Morrison and Barnes can provide you with that. It is also important to regard that even the smallest injury can still be considered neglect when considering if the doctor was at fault

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Guide From A Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries can be caused by different reasons. It may be an accident from delivery or when in labor or even during the process. It could affect mother, child or both, and whoever the victim is, there will usually be grounds for complaints. Here are some examples of birth injuries:

  • Broken blood vessel in the eye. Subconjunctival hemorrhage or broken blood vessel in the eye is the result of a blood vessel underneath your eye breaking due to force on your eye or a result of a really strong cough or sneeze or the force when you push the child while delivering. Although this is harmless and would disappear within weeks, it is still considered as a birth injury as this can be prevented. It is the job of your physician to tell you to pause and breathe before continuing to deliver.
  • Bruises, scratches, and lacerations. Giving birth can be an exhausting experience and you would give your all when delivering your child. Sometimes, without proper positioning, you could end up harming yourself. Another issue would be when your physician is irresponsible or neglectful and would either cause harm to you or your baby.
  • Even worse than bruises, scratches, and lacerations are fractures. When being delivered, the physician assists the child and pulls them out. This process, if not done properly, could end up damaging or fracturing the fragile infant.

Other reported cases involves Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, and brain injuries which are permanent and may be fatal. If you believe that your delivery was a medical malpractice that has caused you or your child harm and would want to be compensated, contact Morrison and Barnes for a trusted attorney.

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