Electrocution Accident Attorney
in Jackson TN

According to government statistics, more than 300 deaths are caused by electrocutions in construction sites per year. The saddest thing about those accidents is that they are totally preventable. There are more cases of electrocution in the workplace and some victims suffer serious injuries that can lead to disabilities.

Electrocution Accident Attorney in Jackson TN


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Electrocution Effect On Bodies

  • Burn injury usually occurs with electrocution accidents when high voltages are involved.
  • Electrocution causes muscle spasms which in turn can lead to broken bones and dislocated joints.
  • Electrocution while working at height can cause a person to fall.
  • Electrocution can cause a person to stop breathing and the heart to flat line.

Even if there is no visible effect of electrocution it is still best to seek medical attention for the effects of these accidents might not be so obvious. If you are a victim of electrocution while working then get in touch for legal representation. Our electrocution injury attorney in Jackson TN has been honed by years of dealing with cases that are similar to yours.

How Electric Shocks Happen

Electrocution more common in new constructions due to electrical wiring often being exposed. Other common causes of electrocution are badly maintained electrical devices, faulty wiring, and sockets that are overloaded. Defective wirings and devices can also cause these accidents. All of these causes are very preventable. Check out product liability for more information. If you need a personal injury lawyer, give us a call today.

Determining Responsibility

The aftermath of a workplace accident can be a confusing time for the victim and his family. This is why it is necessary that you should have an expert lawyer by your side during those times to guide you.

One of the key things that have to be done right after an accident is determining who is responsible. This is needed so that it can be known who would have to pay compensation to the victim. Usually, the employers, property owners or insurance companies will offer a settlement for an amount that is just a fraction of what they are supposed to pay.

Dedicated Electrocution Accident Attorney

Initial offers will rarely consider the condition of the victim and the damage caused by the accident.  This is why it is necessary that a victim should have someone like us who can give guidance. Give us a call right away for an electrocution injury attorney in Jackson TN. Allow us to take care of things for you so that you can get the right amount of compensation that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be held liable for my electrocution-related losses?
Victims of electrocution can have extensive loss including lost income, medical expenses, physical suffering and pain, emotional injuries and more. To win an electrocution claim, you should prove that another party was negligent in some way. Moreover, different parties may at times be negligent in such cases, including:

  • Manufacturers – if electrocution was caused by a defective product or company did not provide adequate warnings about the hazards of a product.
  • Employers – if electrocution was suffered on a construction site or other type of workplaces
  • Property Owners – if electrocution was suffered because of a property or business
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