Burn Injury Lawyer in Jackson TN

Burn Injury Attorney in Jackson TN

Burn accidents in the workplace can have numerous causes, negligence by a worker or employer, or by defective equipment, inadequate safeguards and protection. These causes will be important in determining the amount of the compensation you might receive.

Factors in determining the settlement in burn cases include:

  • The severity of the burn
  • The intention of the defendant
  • The ability of the defendant to pay damages

We have a great deal of experience judging burn cases and can determine the settlement you can expect taking in to account your personal experience

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Get Help From A Burn Injury Attorney

In cases of burn accidents in the workplace, how and where the accident took place will be very crucial. That can be telling when it comes to determining if the defendant is liable and how a jury might decide. The damages that would be awarded in a burn accident case could be much higher if it was caused by the negligence on the part of the employer.

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Punitive Damages

If the defendant acted in a very negligent manner which resulted in the burn accident then punitive damages can be applied as well. These are the damages that are meant to punish the defendant and teach a lesson.

Compensation for Emotional Suffering

Compensation for burn accidents usually cover the same kinds of damages to other forms of accidents. most importantly would be for medical costs and loss of income. But since burn injuries can be more painful and in severe cases could lead to disfigurement, compensation for emotional damages is also an option. This kind of accident can also lead to emotional scarring and for that the victim should be compensated too.

How We Can Help

Whether it is a minor or major injury that you suffered at work we will assist you. No one deserves to suffer an injury from a burn accident, but when you do we can be there to help you. Call us now!

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