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Have you been injured while working aboard a vessel? When a person is injured at work, he or she should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, right? The answer is, not always. Those injured while working as a crewmember of a towboat, tugboat, or barge may be entitled to compensation under what is known as the Jones Act.

The Jones Act is similar to workers’ compensation law but allows for added compensation in comparison to Tennessee’s workers’ compensation law. Under United States maritime law, these crewmembers and their families have the right to financial compensation if an injury or death occurs while working aboard a vessel in navigable waters.

Boat Accident Attorney in Jackson TN

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The Jones Act is a very complex area of the law protecting seamen injured on all types of vessels, including large ships, tankers, tug boats, barges, cargo ships, and even some riverboat casinos. Under the Jones Act, in order to recover damages, an injured worker must prove that his or her employer was negligent or at fault of the injury or death which occurred.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can pursue a riverboat injury lawsuit?

A lot of people can sue after a boating accident including the following:

  • People riding on the boat
  • People driving the boat
  • People standing near the boat
  • People owning boats within the vicinity

Should I contact an attorney if I have been injured in a boating accident?

Yes. It’s very important for you to get in touch with a lawyer who can protect your legal rights. A licensed attorney is the only one who can evaluate if you have a case worth pursuing. Remember that there are time limits (Statute of Limitations) that may impact your ability to file a claim.

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